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A Global Epidemic

Around the world, alcohol abuse is the leading risk factor for death when surveying populations between the age of 15 and 49. Of course, it is also a contributing factor to all kinds of other health problems and accidents. From cancer to liver disease, alcohol has been cited as the culprit in the downfall of many. However, many people do not realize that problem drinking can be a very sneaky. pernicious addiction. Although there is the stereotype of the homeless alcoholic stumbling down the street, the truth is that alcoholism affects people of all socioeconomic classes. In fact, those who are functioning alcoholics may be less likely to seek help.

The First Step Is Admitting That You Have a Problem

stopteen2It may sound like a clich√© to some, but it is true; being honest with yourself about your drinking is the only way to create a strong foundation for your recovery. For your physical and mental health going forward, it is crucial that you delve into the issue and treat yourself with patience and respect. Analyzing the issue may bring other underlying problems to light. It’s not uncommon for people with mental illnesses to self-medicate.

Therapy Is Not a Punishment: Addressing Your Alcohol Issues

Thinking of rehabilitation as some form of punishment is truly outdated; the more research there is, the more the medical community has started to think of alcoholism as a disease just like any other. If you had a problem with your heart, you would not feel any shame about going to the doctor. This is no different. Alcoholism can be rooted in genetic mutations and environmental factors over which you have no control. The faster you seek help, the easier it will be to treat the problem.

Speak to a Counselor Who Specializes in Addiction

We are all individuals, so we may react to the same types of therapy in different ways. The key is to find what is going to be the most successful treatment for your particular needs. First, you and your counselor will have to identify how far your drinking problem has progressed. For those who struggle with a more advanced illness, a medical detox will be absolutely necessary in order to prevent any unexpected health problems. When you’ve been drinking for a long time, your organs become accustomed to the alcohol. A medical detox will ensure that you are under the care of health professionals as your body rids itself of the toxicity.

stop2Considering Your Resources

You and your family members will also want to look into which treatment options are available to you. Does your healthcare plan cover addiction-related problems? If so, to what extent? You will want to carefully examine all of your policies with a fine-tooth comb in order to ensure that you are receiving the best possible care. You may even have a supplemental policy at work that kicks in to pay for therapy. If you’ve already allocated funds for a policy, then it only makes sense to take advantage of it when you need it most. Many workplaces will support employees who need to receive treatment for alcohol-related issues. They know that a healthy worker is a productive worker, and it is in the best interest of everyone to get you the help that you need.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

Although the general consensus is that inpatient treatment is more of an immersive method for conquering your alcohol addiction, there are many ways to put a halt to your problem drinking. You may have small children or have other reasons for choosing outpatient; it’s all about selecting the program that will work best for your personally. While some advocate 12-step programs, others find that alternative routes work better for them.

Lean on Family and Friends for Support

As soon as you can, you’ll want to start identifying people in your life who can assist in your recovery. You will need emotional support during this time, but you’ll also require help with the more practical aspects of your life. Transforming your life doesn’t have to be painful; it can be a wonderful process, as long as you line up the right type of customized counseling and solicit guidance from those who truly have your best interests at heart.